Duncan needs to make himself not throw any challenges for Courtney so he repeats "Trent and GwenTrent and Gwen, not wanting his relationship with Courtney to end the way Trent and Gwen ended. Halfway through the episode's challenge, Duncan and Gwen come across each other as they're both running away from the crazed forest critters. Meanwhile, Jerry, Dave, and the kids were walking down the street when Circle Girl started playing in the middle of the building, causing the storms. She enjoys Cody being struck by lightning. Duncan answers back, "Same to you!" Gwen is also impressed when Duncan slices a cockroach in half using an axe. The historical town of Dinkelsbhl is located in Central Franconia on the northern stretch of the Romantic Road. This infuriated Courtney, but Gwen insisted that nothing happened and that she and Duncan are still just friends. When Gwen finds out how much Chris' old mansion was wrecked, she sarcastically thanks Duncan for destroying it in the confessional. 10 Best Things to Do in Garmisch, Germany. In Harold Swatter and the Goblet of Flies, when Owen has a "magic wand", Gwen states that he is about to pay the price for messing with the dark arts. While most of the Screaming Gaffers are suspicious of Gwen's behavior (due to her guilt over the nature of Trent's elimination and subtly trying to throw the challenge for her team in this episode), Duncan is one of the few who is not suspicious of her at all and stands up for her. Duncan helps Gwen up, much to Trent's annoyance. Then the two hosts of Celebrity Manhunt show her blog after she found out about the break-up. It happens to suit Gwen's preference and she thank the duo for their wonderful gift. Courtney was relieved that Cody was no longer in danger. Episode count Without warning, Grace's door swung open, and Cody walked backward, but Grace was in her room and made Cody scream. Jerry was so proud of them. Green However, they do end up on the same team, the Villains. Gender During the blogging war between Heather and Gwen, Heather makes a comment dressed in a Gwen wig saying "I wish Duncan was here so I could kiss him, even though I'm too scared to tell him I love him because I'm too cool," showing that Heather is one of the many people who thinks Duncan and Gwen are together. In Simply Perfect, Gwen teams up with Courtney after she used the brain strain 3000 to make the kids dumb. This relationship was in a love triangle with, This is the second couple from the original cast to have both members make an additional cameo in. Gwen is shocked to find out that he is actually real. Duncan is smiling at Gwen before he realizes she is sinking. Dave, Jerry, Grace, and the kids devised a plan to rescue Courtney and defeat Circle Girl. The plan works and every kid suffers from bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. This is the first Sony Pictures Animation film to have mid-credit scene. Gwen asks Duncan if he could hold it after another ten chapters of a Canadian history book which proves to be too much for Duncan who surrenders and falls asleep in the bathroom. Despite becoming friends with him, Gwen did not consider Duncan as one of the sane people, calling Duncan psychotic in the confessional. In a subsequent confessional of his own, Duncan wonders what Gwen's problem is and expresses disbelief over Gwen's statement that Courtney isn't talking about him. In the confessional, Gwen admits that the kiss was great, but now she and Duncan are at the risk of being eliminated. Like his older self however, Duncan is not entirely a bad person, helping his friends at times. Duncan smiles while he watches her leave. The 3 kids try by calling them, and hacking into the city's traffic light system, but none of them work. In Dissing Cousins, Gwen is initially happy when she finds out her cousin Ella is coming for Cousins Day. 56 Circle Girl prepared to destroy the daycare with her flashing lightning, but Courtney, Cody, Izzy, Duncan, Gwen, and Lightning escaped from Circle Girl. In Cody the Barbarian, Gwen observes Cody and his team go inside a videogame. Duncan is notably seen commenting on the scene and seems very satisfied with what he sees, with Chris agreeing with him. In Erase Yer Head, Gwen purchases a personality modifying ray in an effort to change her parents's attitude. In Us R Toys, Gwen and Duncan make fun of Chef's toys from his childhood, as they find them boring and uncool. Duncan tries to "interfere" after Gwen is eliminated, but it almost backfires on him. Day 2: Munich or Day Trip to Salzburg. Specifically, they both consider. Song: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER: Copyright Disclai. He also reminds her they are both on the same team now. They appear in back-to-back episodes, as: Interestingly, Duncan is involved with the elimination of the two, Coincidentally, Gwen is the only female to be exiled onto Boney Island, and Duncan is the only male to not be exiled in. 8 Top Things to Do in Bamberg, Germany. When she thinks Owen swallowed gum, she tells him he will explode unless he jumps into a gum volcano. In Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost, Gwen talks to Chef in his office, and offers some help in trying to scare the kids for Halloween. In Having the Timeout of Our Lives, Duncan recieves company in time out when Owen arrives. She also most likely voted for him to win, despite saying that she refuses to be predictable. Duncan's heroic actions allows Chris to switch Duncan to the other team. In The Tooth About Zombies, Gwen is angry because she's missing the annual zombie parade. While they were on the plane, Duncan openly flirts with Gwen by saying she looks really pasty and Gwen states that means a lot coming from a cyclops. Courtney blushed at Cody with a smile, and the two of them shared a moment that none of their friends would ever forget. Gwen tells the kids a scary story at night, which makes Leshawna cry. When the team is talking about the side-deal Gwen had with the Killer Grips, Duncan said he still couldn't believe it and he "didn't know she had it in her," appearing to be more amused or impressed by her actions rather than embittered or betrayed. Duncan is one of the children attending the daycare center. However, she is disappointed when she notices that Ella is just a cute girl, and not a dangerous dragon. In Gobble Head, Gwen and the kids make appreciation cards for each other. Male Owen and Courtney try to help him become scarier, but Gwen is not impressed. Thanks to Harold's dream machine, Gwen and Duncan go inside Cody's dream. In Last Mom Standing, Gwen tells Cody to put the overflow into his spleen, and he takes the advice. Then, all of a sudden, six kids were sent into New York City by a blue moon floating into the waterfall's vertex. Their knowledge in slasher movies allow them to be the final two campers remaining in the contest, with Duncan being the only person who takes her advice seriously. In the confessional, Gwen notes that she is a horrible person for kissing Duncan right when she had become "friendish" with Courtney and that she should tell her if this happens again. The students are excited for Picture Day, but they believe nothing will happen to Cody because he has been abused for so many episodes. At the beginning of the episode, Duncan laughs after his successful prank in which Trent's saltshaker spills onto his eggs. The kids were kicked out of the bookstore by Circle Girl, and they're rushing into Jerry's house. Gwen's personality differs greatly than in the main series, who is simply a Goth loner. Courtney was amazed, not only at Cody's power but also at his kindness, and Chef was here Chef, the owner of the daycare, was here as well, smiling and looking on at what Cody had done. However, he suddenly asks if Courtney was watching, making it clear that he was simply trying to get her jealous. Gwen is able to convince Duncan and Cody to hug, which gives Cody confidence to face the monster. Gwen is excited when Ella gets angry and turns into a giant dragon. They are saved by Owen. When Owen goes back to his dimension, the real Gwen refuses to give him a hug. As they're catching their breath, Duncan suddenly asks Gwen about what Courtney has said about him now that Gwen is on the same team as her. A new Total Drama season has started airing in a foreign country. Total DramaRama season 2 Gwen and Beth work together. Gwen is finally rewarded with her ice cream only to realize that chocolate tastes better. Neither girl takes his warning about Mike seriously and laugh it off, as Gwen calls Duncan's warning "a million on the lame scale." Duncan and Gwen after the two wrestle to the ground, in a hidden scene from The Aftermath: II. Duncan is one of the children attending the daycare center. In Castle, the group of kidsJerry, Dave, and Grace all worked together to come up with a plan to rescue Courtney and take down Circle Girl. Total Drama: Return of The Island by 0SakuraFlower0 202 4 1 You and the all the best characters from each season of Total Drama get kidnapped by the insane Chris McLean and arrive at Camp Wawanakatew (a mix of camp Wawanakwa and. Despite Chef risking his life to save the kids, they still don't appreciate him, which makes the teacher frustrated. When Tyler said, "At least you don't have to sleep next to him," Gwen looks intimidated by Duncan, who is seen giving a deer a noogie. In Not Without My Fudgy Lumps, Duncan offers help to Owen after he can't reach his fudgy lumps. Enemies He is upset at Chef when he finds out the truth. Back on the plane, when he is first let out of the bag, he doesn't even acknowledge Gwen or Courtney and is angry that they brought him back onto the plane. As expected, Gwen hates it. The kids watched in awe as Cody began to rise off the ground, his body glowing with an unearthly light. Courtney believes this and talks to Gwen about what love does to you. The two laugh, but then awkwardly pause and stare at each other as the video is paused and no further footage is shown. Dave asked Jerry who the kids were and what they were doing there. In Cartoon Realism, Gwen turns off the TV while her friends watch the cartoon "Chinchilli". Bored of the documentary, she escapes and goes to sleep in a sarcophagus. I see these three as the main powerhouses of the show. She ends up getting sick and is unable to attend the daycare the following day. At Central Park, Courtney and Cody sat down on the bench together. During the challenge, Duncan tells Gwen that he believes Gwen is intentionally hurting Courtney, just like what Heather stated earlier. Duncan and Gwen are seen together fighting Courtney towards the end of the intro. Despite helping her in the previous episode, Gwen decides to help Leshawna and Bridgette to vote Duncan off to avoid allowing the Guys' alliance to become too much of a threat. Gwen doesn't seem to show any remorse for Duncan's imprisonment. In He Who Wears the Clown, Gwen is not surprised to see Harold being scared by clowns. When the screen goes back to them, Duncan finds out that he had crashed into Gwen standing in an inflatable raft. The kids work together well and the plan works, until they are eventually caught by Chef. He convinces Owen to keep acting bad so he can return and they can have fun together. In From Badge to Worse, Duncan plays with Owen and Harold, and recieves a friend badge from Courtney. They end up scaring their classmates, and have a good time together. Meanwhile, Circle Girl walked by herself to find a new castle, and she saw Belvedere Castle. Gwen tells Duncan that he is skinny in his own way and tells him that he could use some carbs when he tries to offer Gwen his toast. In Camping is In Tents, the class go to a camping trip. This article focuses on the interactions between Duncan and Gwen. However, Izzy and Owen had broken up, making this the only couple at the time to have both members make an additional cameo appearance. Like her original counterpart, Gwen prefers to be alone as she doesn't like to do "normal kids' stuff", which causes her to be labeled as an outcast. Suddenly, the group was plunged into chaos as Circle Girl created a swirling vortex of wind and rain, threatening to engulf them all. August 2, 2022 21min 7+ After seeing Leshawna enjoying a sick day at home with ice cream and TV, Duncan convinces the other kids try to get sick too./Gwen tries to convince Chef to tell the class the truth about their pet goldfish. Courtney hoped that he would wake up, either sleeping or cloned, but it didn't work, and Cody is truly dead. Their relationship however crumbles in Total Drama All-Stars as Gwen seems to have lost any interest in Duncan, repeatedly ignores signs of affection from him, and is more focused on trying to make amends with Courtney. Then she teams up with Owen and make Ella participate in Max's minion contest. Gwen was kinda ripped of her kindness butMeh. They're talking to each other about a new employee. The kids get angry at Harold and try to kill him, but Duncan reveals that he was the one pranking them. Courtney smiled through her tears and told them she was happy they were willing to help. In Ghoul Spirit, Gwen is super angry after she bought a really expensive ghost. Duncan leaves the competition on bad terms with Gwen, as she sarcastically mocks him while he is being escorted away by the police after blowing up Chris' cottage. After a brief moment where they try to give the egg back to each other, Duncan is captured and carried off by the mother bird. They both decide to have a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with no plans, pressure or mushy nicknames such as "pookums." Gwen, finally fed up with his behavior, tells him that their relationship is over before pushing him away. And they're rescuing Cody, but Courtney says she doesn't want to see Cody die, and her tears start, and she starts running away alone. In A Dingo Ate My Duncan, Gwen is affected by Chef's australian mind control device. Meanwhile, Cody had just returned from Grace's room, but something seemed different about him. totaldramaallstars duncan readerxheather +22 more # 8 Gothic Girl Trama (Total Dramarama) by Gwen TotalDrama 522 11 2 Despite getting frightened, Owen does it and Gwen gives him money. Missing Episode: The European version skips "Aquarium for a Dream", "Snots Landing", and "Total Eclipse of the Fart". Duncan then manages to trick Gwen into leaving the campfire so that he could face the killer alone and win. This is the first Sony Pictures Animation film to have two post-credits scenes where it is before and after. She serves as the deuteragonist-later-tritagonist of Total Drama Island, a main character in Total Drama Action, and a minor character in Total Drama World Tour. TBA. Alejandro and Duncan had teamed up in order to manipulate Courtney into thinking Duncan was hurt by Alejandro flirting with her. He responds by saying that she doesn't know him very well either. Duncan is visibly concerned for Gwen. When they bring him to Chris, Gwen apologizes to him for bringing him back on the plane. However, Gwen feels uncomfortable about Sierra staring at them and quickly pushes Duncan off the cliff so he can do his part of the challenge. Afterward, Chris mentions the kiss "as a great way to start a drama" and implies that he was the one who busted the lock on the confessional while a freeze frame of them kissing is still displayed on a small TV in the cockpit. Chef tries to get rid of the chair, but Gwen still kept on screaming. Airdate Gwen is annoyed by Duncan's request to Sierra to make more "Gwuncan" blogs. Then he volunteers to leave the daycare to buy another cup of Chef's Rainbow Juice. After Duncan is eliminated, Gwen tells him that he played the game well, and that she was sorry he had to lose over something as trivial as sticky buns (which was actually Owen's fault). Dream Worriers. At the end of the episode, Gwen is eliminated, but Duncan is one of the two, along with DJ, who did not vote her off. Whenever Gwen speaks, an ominous tune plays in the background. It is noted by Geoff that their lips were in very close proximity at the time, as if they were about to kiss at any moment, which enrages Courtney even more. During Duncan's match with the blue bird, both Gwen and Courtney laugh at him for being too soft. After the movie, they realize that they share the same favorite horror movie and talk about their favorite gore scenes from said movie. When Duncan wins the challenge for the Screaming Gaffers, they slap fists and hug, which makes Trent call the team a "ticking time bomb of betrayal. After they return to Camp Wawanakwa, Gwen and Duncan sneak off together during the sand castle challenge in order to take apart the bus they used to get there so they could sleep in the cabins. He is worried when the new class pet Lenny is missing. Duncan's the anomaly there since she only . In Cone in 60 Seconds, Duncan helps Owen to get some money in exchange for a prank call to Chef. Gwen's decison to break up with Duncan helps her end her feud with Courtney and repair their friendship a few episodes later. In Sharing is Caring, Duncan tries to steal Courtney's Extreme-a-Saurus, since she doesn't want to share. In Cone in 60 Seconds, Gwen asks Owen to clean her drawer. It is worth something that the anvil did not fall on Gwen after saying this, and it wasn't simply forgotten as Geoff brought the anvil to the audience's attention. Gwen then states in a confessional scene that she couldn't believe that their relationship would end like this, and that even though she felt "fireworks" after their kiss in I See London, his kisses now felt like she was being "kissed by a shoe", and that the thrill in their romance is "so gone.". She fills a bucket with everything that make people sneeze, and Beth is able to get the couch out of her nose. In Germ Factory, Duncan finds out that Leshawna is absent due to a cold and comes up with a plan to get sick as well in order to skip school. They become even closer friends in Total Drama Action, which slowly develops into an attraction, despite Gwen denying it at the beginning of the season. Gwen then finds out Courtney just needed her friendship to win a badge, but she is okay with it. The two of them are seen sitting with each other in the beginning of the episode. When Duncan takes it even further and pretends to cry over Courtney, Gwen's loses her faith again. She was a camper on Total Drama Island, where she was a member of the Screaming Gophers. Gwen finds the last page of the book, but states she likes her version better. In From Badge to Worse, Courtney wants to befriend Gwen, but she is not too happy about it. Her spider escapes, and bites Cody in the head. Written by Thus, he agrees to help Leshawna vote off Heather or Trent. Alejandro, who just discovers her secret, forces Tyler to tell everyone about Gwen and Duncan's kiss. She is disappointed that they are able to come back. Although Duncan is supposed to be eliminated, Chris pushes one of the interns out of the plane as he wanted to prolong the current drama. Jerry is eager to work, and Dave is happy to have a new employee. Courtney should turn around and express her concern that Cody is abusing him too much and that Cody will end up in serious danger as a result of their carelessness. First, he tries to escape with different plans, but fails. When Chef takes the kids to an animation studio, Gwen and Beth decide to investigate to find the truth about Chinchilli. And Courtney felt terrible and worried about Cody because she was so concerned for his safety. We advise you to NOT post any spoilers. Gwen then angrily slaps him, calling him a third-grader. A parody of reality shows like Fear Factor and Survivor, it focuses on a group of young contestants and their host/perpetual tormentor, Chris. Gwen's leggings and boots are now blue instead of green like her older self. Jerry told Courtney the short story about Jerry's sister protecting him. While the kids have fun with her, Gwen tries to make her angry to reveal her real side, but fails. The children chose to flee the storms and lightning strikes on buildings. In I Dream of Meanie, Gwen wakes up from her nap thanks to Cody's screams. After spending the duration of their time on the island arguing, Gwen makes a raft to get herself off the island. In the section where everyone makes a pyramid, they are seen next to each other. In Fire in the Hole, Gwen and the kids are scared when Terry Spice shows up at the school. Courtney, Owen, Gwen, Jude, Leshawna, Noah In Tiger Fail, Gwen is the only kid who doesn't want Chef to buy chocolate ice-cream, choosing the odd tiger tail flavor instead. When Duncan expresses interest in getting Courtney to notice him, Gwen becomes jealous and angry, before dumping him in Moon Madness. They team up and try to stop Izzy by using magic paint as well. She powers it, and things get out of control when Cody turns evil. When Gwen complains about being placed on the Villain team, Duncan tries to calm her down by telling her that being bad is cool. In Snack to the Future, Gwen, Harold and Izzy join Owen in a journey to travel trough time. They have a hard time after Chef tries to do everything on his "bucket list". Unlike her original counterpart, it's hereditary as revealed in. He dresses up as a court jester, trying to win her over. In New York City, six kids fall into the ocean and land in the sand. She then says that nothing happened afterward, and that they picked themselves up, stole everyone's underwear and strung it up the flagpole together. She tries to help telling him he needs to confront his nightmare. Later, when Chris rings the bell, Duncan is angry, saying that he was tired of listening to Gwen and Courtney's fighting and, after refusing to sing, quits the season, much to Courtney and Gwen's discontent. As she is handcuffed by Chef Hatchet and taken to the Lame-o-sine, Duncan stops them to offer himself in her place, as a way of saying that he really wants to be out of the competition (this may also be interpreted as his standing up for her and sacrificing himself for her), but quickly assures them that he was kidding as soon as Chef attempts to actually take Duncan instead. Duncan and Gwen share their second kiss in The EX-Files, officially becoming a couple. He brings Gwen to a happy world where she wears pink and stuffed animals hug her. Gwen suggests she should stop breathing, but Bridgette doesn't like the idea. (2011) 1,348,335; (2021 est . In AbaracaDuncan, Gwen witnesses Harold's magic show, but is not very impressed. At Jerry's house, Grace lets the kids draw themselves because they're cartoons. As he tries to scale down the building, he accidentally tied himself with the toilet paper he is using and is caught by Chef. When Chris announces Tyler is going home instead of Duncan, Courtney storms in angrily and kicks Tyler out of the plane while telling everyone that she will have her revenge on Gwen and Duncan. Gwen and Duncan were the only contestants that didn't want to sing during Come Fly With Us, until they were convinced by Chris' rules that unless they wanted to be instantly disqualified, all contestants MUST sing in each show. And Courtney and Cody began to kiss each other tenderly, their lips connecting in a passionate embrace that seemed to last forever, and they watched the moon with the stars in the night sky. In I See London, the two eventually confess their feelings for each other by sharing their first kiss in the confessional. He tries to escape, but Chef tetheres him to Cody. She manages to save it from Izzy, who was about to flush it down the toilet. Afraid of what others would think, she tries to hide the doll, putting it in a trash can. Later, in the confessional, Courtney says that she'll have to keep a close eye on Gwen in season three, and calls her a "boyfriend stealer.". He ends up cheering for Harold when he completes the ninja challenge. Gwen is frustrated and tells Chef about it. Right after everyone (including Duncan) encourages Gwen when she goes to jump onto the horse for the challenge, he says that they'll need a new captain after she jumps. Watch Total Dramarama Total Dramarama goes back in time to re-introduce our favorite Total Drama Island cast members as four-year-olds in a daycare center. Human Gwen, visibly annoyed by the question, asks him as she pokes his head how "such a big ego can fit inside a teeny tiny brain" before telling him that Courtney hasn't said anything about him. He then stares at Gwen in a dreamy, romantic way as she runs off. In Venthalla, Gwen makes a habit of emerging from the shadows to give ominous warnings to the other kids, terrifying them in the process. Owen and Izzy try to help, but they end up damaging the chair. She wiped away her tears and stood up. The film boasts an impressive cast and crew, including award-winning actors and renowned filmmakers. Jerry and Dave protect them and try to run away from the storm, and Courtney uses a mirror and lights a blast into the mirror, right next to Circle Girl's blast. While this later turns out to not be the case, Gwen still comes to believe Duncan's word. In addition, Duncan was the highest rated contestant on two teams in a row: This is the first couple in which both members are in the final two at one point in the series; the second being, Interestingly, in their respective endings, neither were seen receiving their money, while the. Suddenly, Circle Girl jumps inside the daycare, and the kids get panicked. They might be downsized but their personalities arent. Gwen is surprised by Duncan's selfless act. Stank. However, Tyler sees it, and Alejandro manipulates Tyler into announcing he saw Gwen and Duncan kiss. Breaking that rule will result in appropriate consequences as outlined in our policies. Gwen sarcastically agrees. Jerry and the kids soon arrived at the bookstore where he worked, and Dave looked at the kids, but he was confused about how they looked like cartoons. Gwen was initially surprised, but she started to enjoy it and kisses him back. She goes to the basement with Chef, Izzy and Harold. Chef looked at the calendar and saw "Daycare Picture He quickly went to his classroom and set up the area, making sure to have everything ready for picture day. She ends up being eaten by it, but is eventually released by accident when the slime monster is destroyed. So Circle Girl decided to get revenge on those kids because she felt betrayed that Courtney hadn't looked out for Cody when she had the chance. professional development manager mckinsey salary,
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